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2013 Is there a free version available in SharePoint 2016? SharePoint Stack Exchange.
As per following article. Previous releases of SharePoint Server included SharePoint Foundation, a free edition of SharePoint that included most of the core functionality and architecture provided by the commercial editions of SharePoint. SharePoint Foundation is no longer available in the SharePoint Server 2016 release.
8 free SharePoint tools to make IT admins smile Computerworld.
SharePoint is no exception, with many high-quality add-on products available from both Microsoft and third-party providers to enhance SharePoint and address some of its shortcomings. Here are eight tools that are particularly useful in todays landscape plus a bonus product thats practically free.
5 Free Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives.
Too bad those of you promoting Centralpoint didnt read the title. FREE alternatives so the wasted posts here as bad as the wasted time and money spent on Sharepoint. Thanks for wasting my time in reading your posts thinking it was a free solution as the Title suggests.
What is SharePoint? Office Support.
SharePoint Foundation formerly Windows SharePoint Services is free for on-premises deployment. You can use SharePoint Foundation to create many types of sites where you can collaborate on webpages, documents, lists, calendars, and data. Download SharePoint Foundation 2013. SharePoint Designer 2013 A free program last released in 2013.
12 Great Alternatives To SharePoint.
Discover how to choose the management reporting tool best suited for your company in this free ebook. Unaccomodating: SharePoint can be a good solution for storing collaborative documents, but may not be as useful for storing comprehensive reports for a review meeting.
SOLVED Which Sharepoint is free Spiceworks.
Creating your account only takes a few minutes. Sorry for this dumb question but I'm' wondering which Microsoft SharePoint version is free to download and use? Last thing I used is SharePoint 2 services, now there is SharePoint Foundation, Standard and Enterprise.
Download SharePoint Server 2016 from Official Microsoft Download Center.
Microsoft Download Manager is free and available for download now. SharePoint Server 2016 has been designed, developed, and tested with the Microsoft Software as a Service SaaS strategy at its core. SharePoint Server 2016 has been designed, developed, and tested with the Microsoft Software as a Service SaaS strategy at its core.
Bitrix24: SharePoint alternative.
You don't' have to pay integrators thousands of dollars just to make SharePoint play nice with other tools you are using. Finally, source code for Bitrix24 is available, so you can modify it as necessary. Here's' side by side feature comparison that shows why Bitrix24 is the best free SharePoint alternative.:

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