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SharePoint CMS Critic.
CMS Critic Awards. Visit Awards Page. Business Software Directory. Microsoft SharePoint is a Web application platform developed by Microsoft. First launched in 2001, SharePoint has historically been associated with intranet content management and document management, but recent versions have significantly broader capabilities.
SharePoint WCMS Cognit.
Herkent u zich in één van bovenstaande items? Dan biedt een SharePoint Web Content Management Systeem enkele unieke voordelen voor u. Ook qua gebruiksgemak en technische mogelijkheden kan SharePoint wedijveren met andere populaire CMS systemen. Design flexibiliteit, klaar voor mobiel gebruik.
Using Microsoft SharePoint 2013 as an advanced content management system.
After analyzing the existing content management system, reviewing requirements for a proposed new system, and surveying the available tools with which to build it, Microsoft IT determined that the most powerful, flexible CMS option available was SharePoint 2013. Two of the most important platform goals were to enhance information discoverability for site visitors and provide more flexible content authoring tools.
SharePoint: Wat is het en hoe gebruikt u het om de samenwerking te optimaliseren? Involv.
Hieronder een aantal veelvoorkomende voorbeelden van hoe bedrijven en mensen SharePoint gebruiken. Een van de meest voorkomende gebruiken van SharePoint is als Content Management Systeem CMS. De meeste gebruikers zullen al bekend zijn met de meeste concepten, aangezien zij deze activiteiten ook zonder SharePoint al uitvoeren.
Is Microsoft SharePoint a Good CMS? Weblinx.
Still, in the situations where SharePoint makes sense, these are easy obstacles to overcome. As with all business websites and CMS choices, it really comes down to what you really need to accomplish, and the most efficient way to get there.
Why would I use SharePoint as a Content Management System CMS? DotNetCurry.
Write For Us. Why would I use SharePoint as a Content Management System CMS? Posted by: Todd Crenshaw, on 1/11/2015, in Category SharePoint. Abstract: This article provides an opinion from the point of view of a 30 year IT veteran about Content Management and SharePoint.
Drupal vs. Sharepoint: Choosing the right platform for your site Acquia.
Its telling that Microsofts own website features a comprehensive list with 100s of CMS options on which SharePoint is nowhere to be found. Last year, we were prompted to compare SharePoint as a CMS to Drupal after Microsofts release of SharePoint 2013; weve also shared links at the bottom of the page to established SharePoint partners so you can draw your own conclusions.
SharePoint as a Web Content Management System.
I need a publishing platform. Could I just use SharePoint or will I need some other CMS? If you were just asked the above question, I agree that it is fair to say that SharePoint is NOT a CMS but it actually does not mean that Sharepoint cannot be used to manage and publish Web content!
3 Things to Know Before Using SharePoint to Build Your Website.
Its important for anyone about to embark on a SharePoint Web CMS project to know that they are not going to be able to switch SharePoint on and build highly engaging websites out-of-the-box. But this is true of practically all Web CMS platforms.

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